Crossfit Review

Posted on 23. May, 2011 by in Workouts

Crossfit Review

A viewer writes in and asks, “Yo, Elliott!  What’s your opinion of Crossfit?  There’s a new Crossfit gym opening up in my area and I was wondering your opinion on that style of training.”

First off I want to say, I give Crossfit and the Crossfit approach to training two thumbs up.

Crossfit was founded by Greg Glassman and has, since it’s founding, become one of the most successful franchise gyms in America.

Crossfit is founded on hybrid training and you know how much I like hybrid training.

I have tons of respect for Crossfit athletes.  They exhibit ridiculous levels of endurance as well as functional strength.  In addition the Crossfit community has produced many highly qualified coaches.

Those two things more than anything else, in my opinion, show how effective a particular school of training can be.

Another thing I respect about Crossfit is it’s willingness to explore other fields and bring home what they consider beneficial to their game.

Glassman and his crew consult experts in mobility, endurance, power lifting, strongman and gymnastics.

In fact I can only find a few things to criticize about Crossfit.

The first is, Crossfit is a sport in and of itself.  Train in Crossfit and you will get better at—well, Crossfit.

Now don’t get me wrong as that entails a lot.  Crossfit utilizes the Olympic lifts, pull ups, sprinting, kettlebells and a ton of other modalities.  Train Crossfit consistently and you will get fit as hell, but if there’s some specific aspect of your particular sport that needs work, Crossfit may not be flexible enough to address that.

The second criticism is a downside of any tribe or community–namely, the zealots.

These are the guys who attach themselves to any tribe or group and then build themselves up by over promoting their brand and trashing all others.  Often times these guys don’t even actually train, but sometimes they do.

You’ve seen the type and they can be found in any community, especially those who operate on-line.  They’re not even worth my time.

So overall, “Hell’s Yeah” for Crossfit.

If you’re interested in what they have to offer by all means try them out.  They just might have what you’re looking for.

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