How To Barbell Power Clean (what muscles are used?)

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How To Barbell Power Clean (what muscles are used?)

The barbell clean is a classic lift in the pantheon of Olympic lifts.

It is a crucial component of the clean and press and a precursor to the snatch.

It’s important to understand, though, that the clean is not an isolation exercise.

We think of the clean in terms of a movement, not the muscles used.

The clean is an explosive transfer of power up from the ankles and knees through the hips.

Technically the clean is a transferal of weight from the ground (power clean) or from your arms hanging in front of you (hang clean) to shoulder height.

The power clean entails elements of the dead lift and the shrug but once past the shrug the clean is a momentum based lift transferring the energy generated in the dead lift and shrug portions into simultaneously moving the bar and getting under the weight.

More than any other movement, the explosiveness of the clean resembles a jump.

The clean is not a curl!

If you find yourself curling the weight to shoulder height you can be certain you’re not doing it right.

If you pay attention to the video you’ll see that it’s the explosiveness of the ankle, knee and hip that starts the bar in its upward progression.  Once this momentum is achieved we then move our bodies “around the bar” by squatting back as the bar travels upward.

Our grip revolves around the bar and we catch it across our collar bones and on top of out pecs.

When moving to the press, again engage the explosiveness of the ankle, knee and hip by sitting back and then driving forcefully through the legs.

This starts another upward momentum that the arms can take advantage of and use to achieve lockout.

It’s important to realize that the clean is more about the movement generated than the muscles involved.  Rather than training specific muscles the clean is about training explosiveness and the transfer of power.

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