How To Gain Weight For Strongman

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How to Gain Weight for Strongman

So, you want to know how to gain weight for Strongman Competition.

The first thing you need to know is that most, if not all, Strongman Federations have weight divisions for competition.  That means for most guys looking to compete in Strongman getting super big is not necessarily required.

For some guys size is not a function of strength.  Some guys just get stronger without gaining in bulk.

Not so much for me.  I started strongman at 190 lbs.  My goal was to compete at around 200, but as I increased my training and increased my calories I quickly found myself getting bigger and bigger.  By the time I earned my pro card I was well over 230 pounds.  Admittedly, not all of that was muscle.

Prior to my strongman training I maintained a largely Paleo style diet, eating mainly meats and fruits and vegetables and few if any starches or grains.

With my new strongman regimen I found myself famished after my workouts and actually craved carbohydrates.

At the time I was so focused on getting my pro card that my size really didn’t matter to me.  Sure I was getting fat, but I just didn’t care.  I wanted to get stronger no matter what.  If putting on extra pounds of fat would help get me there then so be it.

I began piling on the carbs.  Some of this was necessary.  My muscles were starved for glycogen and simple carbs were the most efficient way to meet that need.

Breakfast consisted of four or five pieces of gluten free toast and lots of protein.  Lunch was chicken, some vegetables and often two cups of rice.  Dinner was much the same.

Oh yeah and before bed I often had milk and cookies, hmm…no wonder I got fat.

In addition to the food I ate I also did a fair amount of supplementation.

The main supplement that I saw the most benefit from was Creatine Monohydrate.  I would just add it to my protein shakes.

Speaking of which here’s the recipe for the shake I would down two or three times a day in addition to my meals.


1 cup Heavy Cream

4 scoops Muscle Milk (or double whatever’s a normal serving)

¼ to ½ cup Cereal (Fiber and Carbs, Baby!)


1 tbsp Flax Seed Oil


Of the things I did to gain weight I think the above shake is probably the wisest course.  Coupled with a good training regimen that shake is a good source of nutrition for forming functional mass.

Remember, though, size does not equal strength.  Train first.  Eat to feed your training and your recovery.  Then take advantage of the weight divisions and make them work for you.  Compete at the size that works best for you.

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