Stronger Grip For Farmers Walk Strongman Event

Posted on 07. May, 2011 by in Exercises, Muscle Mass, Strength & Power

Stronger Grip For Farmers Walk Strongman Event

True confession:  At one time the farmer’s carry was one of my weakest events.

I could get weight.  I was able to hold 300 or more pounds in each hand.  I just couldn’t carry that weight for the distance I needed for competition.

My coach, Tom Mitchell, suggested I take a page from the training logs of Jesse Marunde (rest in peace, Jesse).  Jesse would travel from Seattle to Florida to train with Tom.

Tom suggested that what I needed to build was my endurance and suggested that instead of trying to increase my weight, I should actually lower the weight and go for distance.

I began doing farmer’s carries with lighter weight, say 150 pounds per hand, and carrying them for longer distance, like 400 meters or more.

That led to some tough training sessions.  My grip would burn and my forearms felt like they were on fire!

But it paid off.

In the event in which I earned my strongman Pro card, I won the farmer’s carry event by carrying 320 lbs in each hand for 80 feet.

So, if you’re looking to increase you abilities in the farmer’s carry event, here’s what I suggest.

Keep the heavy carries.  Load up your hands.  When you can, exceed the weight you expect for competition.  If you anticipate 300 pounds per hand work up to 320 or more.  Build your grip.  Take long rests between sets.

Then in order to build your endurance and your ability to get distance, lighten the bar and get distance.  Take long walks, well beyond your competition goal.  400 meters is not unrealistic for a 50 to 80 foot competition walk.  On your endurance days, take shorter breaks to enhance your endurance training.

According to Tom Mitchell, Jesse Marunde didn’t train heavy on the farmer’s walks, he trained long.  My experience corroborates this.

Keeping the heavy days and adding endurance days may well make the farmer’s carry your best event, too.

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