The Truth About Building Strength (PART 4)

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The Truth About Building Strength (PART 4)

Field 2 is the sacral chakra or the sex chakra.  The nerves for this area originate from the lumbar spine and govern the hips, including the sexual organs and organs of elimination (i.e. colon, bladder, and kidneys).  This is a powerful area and carries a lot of importance, especially for our culture.

If you spend a lot of time watching TV (which I don’t particularly recommend) you’ll notice a disproportionate amount of airtime devoted to commercials aimed at correcting something ambiguously referred to as “ED.”  We’re all supposed to just know from our cultural consciousness and the subtle cues of the ad that ED stands for erectile dysfunction.  Why is so much airtime, and hence so many dollars, being devoted to guys who can’t get a boner?  Because my friends, this is a big business.

As a culture we have some serious issues concerning sex, sexuality and this sex chakra.  As I mentioned in reference to Field 1, weak power in a given area may be expressed in an under or an over expression of that regions particular energies.  Strong power is, by contrast, a balanced expression.

Collectively we exhibit weak power in this area which indicates that many of us suffer from a poor distribution of energies in this area.  According to statistics and the prevalence of ED ads, we all know someone who suffers from ED, we may never know it because this sort of subject is so taboo.  Your buddy who has troubles in this area is not very likely to come out and say it for fear of being mocked and being considered “less of a man.”  This of course leads to or exacerbates Field 1 issues which further contribute to his tightness and insecurity.  We also know people, men and women, who use sex as a tool to control other people.  This way they can attempt to shore up their own insecurities and make themselves feel better.

I mentioned before that as we go up the spine the chakras correlate with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which a graphical expression of our spiritual evolution as human beings.  It is by no accident that sexuality occurs near the bottom of this hierarchy.  Each ascending level builds on the foundation of the other, which means that you’ve got to get your lower levels “right” before you can expect development in the higher areas.  Sex is a fundamental issue for humans and getting right with your sexuality, or establishing balance in the lower chakras, is essential to higher spiritual development.

Now as a strength athlete you might be thinking, “Dude, I just want to get stronger.  I’m not really concerned about my spiritual development.”  Don’t forget, real strength comes from within.  Having a rock solid foundation is essential to any expression of power, physical or spiritual, and as we’ve come to understand that the mind and body are actually one, we can begin to see how spiritual strength can fuel and help build physical strength.

Weak power in Field 2 is expressed in a variety of ways.  It can be seen in a general lethargy or lack of vitality.  Bladder, kidney or colon issues are also related to Field 2.  So is hip or back pain and as we’ve already covered impotence or hyper sexuality.

Strong power is expressed in someone who is, by contrast, vibrant.  Their energy is abundant and their general demeanor is abundant and alive.  They “feel good,” remember Field 2 is associated with feeling and an overall sense of vitality is reflected in this.  A strong Field 2 is reflected in balanced sexuality, which shows a balance between desire and pleasure.  This does not necessarily mean that every desire is satiated, but more that one’s life is not driven by desire and a mad effort to satisfy it.

I mentioned that Field 2 governs the hips and strong, flexible hips are a manifestation of a strong Field 2.  Athletes know that mobility and agility in the hip region is essential to high athletic performance.  This is a combination of strength and flexibility which results in the ability to move at will quickly and fluidly.

Catabolic strengthening of this area can be done through deadlifts and exercises aimed at strengthening the hip flexors and lower abs.

Anabolically we can help this area by stretches aimed at lengthening the above mentioned muscles and what I call “functional sex.”  Functional sex is healthy sex.  It’s where two people willingly engage in a sexual experience where both parties are fulfilled.   This is not a power game or attempt at controlling another person.  This is not solely about personal gratification or the subjugation of oneself to gain favor or influence or reinforce negative ideas about yourself.  This is open.  This is free and it is giving.  It is the union of two opposites and its result is a temporary union with what physicists call the unified field or you and I might call God.  Sounds nice, right?

Field 2 also deals with music and rhythm.  It is by no accident that music and sex are so closely linked in our lives.  We go dancing with the sole purpose of finding someone to “hook up” with.  We’ve all used music to “enhance the mood.”  Music is the interplay of opposites, sound and silence.  It’s the interplay and cadence and variations of these opposites that make music.  The first music you ever heard was the beating of your mother’s heart and your connection to that music was through your umbilicus.  It is through here you were connected to your mother in her womb.  Your umbilicus, your belly button, marks your center and is also the top end of this region, where Field 2 begins to merge into field 3.  Dancing is another excellent way to engage and open Field 2.

Field 2 is an exciting area.  It holds all the enticements of the forbidden but really is an essential area.  Understanding and expressing ourselves in a healthful fashion is essential to our development and our strength.  In later installments we’ll look at specific anabolic energizers aimed at increasing the energy in this area and balancing out the catabolic work.

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