The Truth About Building Strength (PART 7)

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The Truth About Building Strength (PART 7)

Field 5 is the brachial plexus.  It consists of the nerve ganglia that branch out of the cervical spine in the neck area.  It governs the throat and jaw area and encompasses the functions of speaking and listening.  The brachial nerves also enervate the arms and hands and it is this function in cohort with the functions of speaking and listening that work together to make up the spiritual side of this chakra, which is creation.  Specifically your hands and mouth are the main vehicles through which we create things in the world and the source of power or energy for that creation comes from the brachial plexus.

As I mentioned, or should say warned, in the section on the cardiac plexus, as we move up the body the chakras or fields take on a more spiritual aspect and less of a physical one.  As we look at the catabolic and anabolic aspects of this field in particular we begin to see more of a crossover and the differences become less distinct.  Catabolic expression of this area is mostly seen through the use of the voice.  Yelling, singing, chanting and any other vocalization that sends vibration through the throat area are all catabolic expressions of Field 5.  Anabolic expression involves neck and shoulder stretches and your own individual industry or creative work.

In its fullest, healthiest expression Field 5 allows for the fullest expression of oneself.  As you can see I don’t really have much of a problem in this area.  I enjoy speaking, have a loud voice and can project really well.  I use my voice and these videos as a form of self expression, a way to get across my own personal creativity and to generate a positive impact in the world.  By contrast we all know people who just can’t seem to be heard, either their voice is too weak and they’re easily drowned out or the just can’t find their words and end up saying nothing.

Good listening is also an expression of Field 5.  This is an area I do work on.  Because I am so good at expressing myself and have so many ideas and opinions I can often forget myself and forget to listen.  Remember optimal health is defined by balance.  The mouth is aggressive and likes to be used.  To help contain this many spiritual traditions engage in “speech fasts” and for extended periods of time refrain from speaking.  It is both an effort to slow down our often over active mouths and strengthen our ears and listening skills.  Again, it’s an effort to restore balance.

A strong Field 5 encourages a supple and relaxed neck and shoulders.  We in the west are bombarded by images and messages meant to retard our creativity and expression.  A primary requirement of society is hegemony or sameness.  Individuality is contrary to group think and sometimes the perceived needs of the whole.  These subtle reprimands that we receive in a near constant barrage have their affect on our bodies.  Our traps tighten in an attempt to lift the shoulders and protect the ears and throat, much like a turtle retracting into its shell.

Industry is associated with this area as it is an expression of both the mouth and hands.  Industry is the work we do, it is the manifestations we create in order to express the energy of ourselves and this area in particular.  Because of this a mindless job is a poor expression of this idea.  Unless your absolute passion is making sandwiches that job at Subway is very poor example of industry.  Even if you were just all about sandwiches Subway makes for a poor industry because there’s no room for creativity.  Being the guy who creates new sandwiches for Subway is a better example of what I’m talking about here.  That guy gets to let his creativity and self expression dictate what and how he makes sandwiches to introduce on the Subway line.  Industry is all about your own personal self expression and for many of us our hobbies are a much better example than our jobs.  It takes a brave soul to venture out and makes his sustenance dependant on his passion.  There is a lot of risk, but when successful the rewards are innumerable.

As always I want to thank you for continuing to follow along in this series.  Understanding of these nerve ganglia or chakras is a powerful tool toward your own personal development.  Using that knowledge to attain balance opens doors to power and strength you just can’t get any other way.  The effects are deep, they extend into the very center of your being and open you up to becoming truly the strongest version of yourself.

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